We help people build credit by offering better loans and awesome service. Here's how:

1. Build innovative technology

Check your loan status on your phone. Get a friendly reminder about repayment by email or text. You might expect these simple conveniences to be standard features of the payday loan experience nowadays. They’re not, because predatory lenders want to keep people in the dark so they can collect obscene penalty charges.

We have a better idea: Build technology that keeps customers informed, so they pay us back on time. We’re completely transparent and available. You can manage your account online, or give us a call anytime.

We also have exciting technologies working behind the scenes, like our proprietary, super-smart risk model, and our custom-built service tool that makes helping our customers a breeze.

2. Partner with local experts

There are a lot of great nonprofits and community groups out there helping people build credit, and they can provide a local, personal level of service that we simply cannot. But their efforts are often hampered by outdated software and tedious compliance hurdles. That’s where LendUp comes in.

We’re excited to announce that our very first partner is JustinePetersen.org. Justine Petersen is a pioneer in helping people build credit in St. Louis, Missouri. We’re huge fans. Their customers will get the benefit of our awesome technology, and the organization can spend more time helping their community, and less time navigating technical and compliance obstacles. It’s a win-win!

3. Inspire financial know-how

Traditional lenders created a system where they win when their customers lose. They stand to make more money by punishing uninformed borrowers than by rewarding educated ones. We, on the other hand, would prefer that our customers actually like us.

So, we created an education program that explains how to win at the financial system in the U.S. We understand the system because we helped build it, but we aren’t happy with where it ended up. We’re taking that industry knowledge and giving our customers the tools to achieve financial confidence.